The Bromfords School
and Sixth Form College

"Pupils enjoyment of school is seen by their above average attendance and their punctuality to lessons." - Ofsted May 2016

Teaching Staff

English Faculty  
Mrs J Bailey (HoF) Mrs A Clark
  Ms K Conroy
  Mrs A Davies
  Mr G Newton
  Mrs T Latchford
  Mrs G Power
  Miss A Richardson
  Miss C Staunton
  Ms A Sturgess
Mathematics Faculty  
Mr B Haines (HoF)  Mr M Wilson
  Mr S Beckwith
  Mrs R Clout
  Mrs J Hurst
  Mr V Mansfield
  Miss K Manning
  Mrs F Rhode
  Miss N Shirazi
Science Faculty  
Mr R Marshall (HoF) Mr S Brennan
  Miss A Cullen
  Mrs J Dolan
  Mr J Edwards
  Mrs M Hawkes
  Mrs N Shirazi
  Mr A Masters
  Miss L Mayhook
  Ms L Petch
  Mr B Pratt
PE & Arts Faculty  
Mr K Ford (HoF) PE
  Mrs R Clout
  Mrs L Fitzsimmons
  Mrs R Hall
  Miss C Hutton
  Mr I Morrison
  Mr S Ruggles
  Art & Photography
  Mr T Von Broen (HoD)
  Mr O Barkins
  Miss L Philpott
  Mrs E Shaw
  Mrs L Hudson (HoD)
  Mr O Barkins
  Mrs J Cole
 PE & Arts Faculty Cont.  
  Drama & Psychology
  Ms A Rees (HoD)
  Mr O Barkins
  Mrs J Cole
  Mrs L Fitzsimmons
  Miss E Huet
  Miss H Williamson
Technology, ICT, Business & Media Faculty  
Mrs H Victory (HoF) ICT
  Ms L Johansson
  Mrs L Barraclough
  Ms S Scullion (HoD)
  Mrs N Green
  Mrs J O'Reilly
  Miss L Showunmi
  Media & Film Studies
  Miss H Williamson (HoD)
  Mrs C Robinson (HoD)
  Miss L Philpott
Humanities & MFL Faculty  
Mr M Goodlad (HoF) Mr T Bennett
  Miss K Lynch
  Mr T Marshall
  Mr M Read (HoD)
  Mrs K Barlow
  Mr T Bennett
  Miss K Lynch
  Mr A Millington
  Miss C Staunton
  Mr J Tree
  Miss S Thomas (HoD)
  Mrs L Briffaut
  Miss E Speciale
  RE & Sociology
  Mr T Bennet (HoD)
  Mrs L Rainey
SENCO / Head of ASC Enhanced Provision Mr M Upward
Assisstant SENCO Mrs N Whysall

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